There are tons of Indigo Children

out there just like YOU.

“I felt alone and, when I found the Indigo Children Society, it was like the angels spoke so clear…
This is my tribe and we all are reuniting now!”

Andrew W, Indigo Child

If you’re an Indigo Child living in a world that wasn’t built for you, surrounded by people who have no clue what’s like being you, I totally understand… you’re definitely not alone.

You want to finally hang out with other Indigo Children just like you…

  • folks who understand all that weird stuff you think about (because they think about it too)
  • who struggle like you (because they’re sensitive too)
  • who are amazing because they’re different (not defective)
  • who have large dreams and plans for making everything better… JUST LIKE YOU.

That’s why I’m launching the INDIGO CHILDREN SOCIETY, a private group online just for us, so you can finally stop feeling so alone and start connecting with your soul family. I’m working hard getting everything ready for you (there’s going to be a dope Ritual Initiation), but I know you’re seriously tired of feeling lonely. So I put together this guide with 7 Ways to Find Other Indigo Children so you can get started right now!

“Finding the Indigo Children Society was like an orphan finding their long lost family, when all hope had been lost.
To this day, some of my closest friendships have come from this group.”

Kali, Indigo Child




Hey Indigo! 

My name is Abby and I’m an Indigo Child who has helped thousands of other Indigo’s like you figure out who you are, feel great and make your life more awesome. I used to think I was the only one experiencing life this crazy Indigo way… until I finally admitted who I am and started hanging out with others just like me.

Now I have amazing friends around the world who totally get me and we’ve helped each other do some incredible stuff. But there’s a lot more fun to be had and I seriously can’t wait for you to join us!

If you want to get an official invite to join the Indigo Children Society when it launches soon, download the free guide to finding other Indigo Children and I’ll email you when everything is ready to go.

See you soon, Indigo!